Brite-Nite™ Dome Lantern



Brite-Nite™ Dome Lantern
Our Brite-Nite Dome Lantern will certainly light up your life. Using common and readily available AAA batteries, it is ideal for camping, hiking, emergencies, power outages, and other night-time outdoor activities. With the powerful magnets, hanging hooks, rubber anti-slip feet, 3 lighting modes, and multi-function design, the Brite-Nite Dome Lantern will make your next camping trip conveniently bright.

As a Lantern
The Brite-Nite Dome Lantern is an exceptional area light. Hanging from a tree or rope, on the picnic table, in the tent, under the hood of your car, or hanging from a backpack, the Brite-Nite Dome Lantern is a multi-function lantern that provides brilliant illumination where you need it. In low mode, the Brite-Nite Dome Lantern is great for intimate areas (like a tent) where less illumination is needed.

As a Flashlight
Producing 150 lumens on high using the 2835 SMD 12 LED emitter, the Brite-Nite Dome Lantern is an great pathway light. With a solid 120° flood pattern and frosted lens, the light shines out to 49 feet... easily illuminating your campsite or work space. On low, the Brite-Nite Dome Lantern is perfect for up-close work around the house, campsite, trail, in the tent, or for preserving the battery life. In S.O.S. mode, the Brite-Nite Dome Lantern can run for 24 hours, be seen from miles away, and can help to summon assistance to your location in the event of an emergency.

How to Use
On the bottom of the Brite-Nite Dome Lantern are strong magnets, two folding hanging hooks, anti-slip rubber feet, and the power button. To turn the Brite-Nite Dome Lantern on in high mode, simply press the power button once. Press the button again to enter low lighting mode, and one more time to enter the S.O.S. flashing mode. Depressing the button for a fourth time will turn the Brite-Nite Dome Lantern off.

When to Use
Whether you are doing work around the house, camping, hiking, or for emergencies on and off of the road, the Brite-Nite Dome Lantern will deliver the light you need no matter where you are! Made of a durable and resilient plastic, the Brite-Nite Dome Lantern is able to take the bumps and thumps of regular use. The uses for the Brite-Nite Dome Lantern are only limited by your imagination: night time games, pathway lights, marker light, worklight, area light, under the hood light, dome light, emergency light, and a safe alternative to traditional fuel lanterns, the Brite-Nite Dome Lantern is destined to be your best outdoor light!

Who it’s for
The beauty of the Brite-Nite Dome Lantern is that it can be used by anyone, anywhere. From kids in a backyard campout, handyman around the house, car repair, hiking on the trails, preppers, Boy Scouts, roadside emergencies, to a power outage at home, the Brite-Nite Dome Lantern is an outstanding choice for anyone!

A Perfect Pairing
An exceptional compliment to your Brite-Nite Dome Lantern is our Compact Traveler Battery Charger. With the ability to re-charge both AA and AAA rechargeable batteries, your lanterns will never go dark! Be sure to stock up on rechargeable batteries and help keep the landfills clean. (Charger sold separately)

Quick List of Features
- IPX4 rating
- Exceptionally bright at 150/60 lumens (High/Low)
- 3 Lighting Modes
- Lantern
- Folding Hanging hooks
- Strong magnetic base
- Lightweight & Compact Design

- Output: 150 (High)/60(Low) Lumens
- Light distance: 49 ft./15 M
- Lighting: 2835 - 12 LED
- Lighting Modes: High, Low, SOS
- LED life: 20,000+ hours
- IPX4 rated (Splash proof)
- 2 Independent Folding Hanging Hooks
- Strong Magnets on Tailcap
- Construction: ABS and Polymer
- Impact resistance: approx 3 ft
- Battery: 3x AAA batteries (not included)
- Dimensions WxH: 2.7 x 2.0 (inches)
- Weight: 0.2 lbs.

Approximate Run times:
- High beam: 6 hours
- Low beam: 10 hours
- S.O.S.: 24 hours
- Warranty: 1 year

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