1.5A Intelligent Battery Charger



1.5A Intelligent Battery Charger
Our Intelligent Chargers feature internal circuitry which detects the battery type, current battery charge, overall battery condition, and automatically responds to optimize charging for that specific battery.

Ideally Suited for Your Needs
Our 1.5A Intelligent Battery Charger is perfect for maintaining your battery especially when it will not be used for an extended time. Such applications include ATVs, Snowmobiles, Motorcycles, Watercraft (boats, jetski, etc.), Trailers, RVs, Ride-on Lawnmowers, Tractors, Classic Cars, Auxiliary Batteries, Backup power supply, Solar Battery, and more!

Fully-Automatic Charging
Whether you're using this on your daily driver or on a stored vehicle, you don't have to worry about over-charging or damaging your battery. Our charger automatically detects the battery and its needs - then applies the optimal charge current.

Wagan Tech Battery Charger - smart Intelligent

3-Stage Charging
Bulk Charge, Absorption Charge, and Maintenance Charge. What does that mean in simple terms?

Bulk Charging is the first stage in which the charger identifies the battery and its needs, then applies a high voltage/amperage charge to do the bulk of the charging.

Absorption Charging is when the battery has reached ~80% of its capacity and begins to lower the input current to the battery. This is sometimes known as the "cool-down" cycle.

The third and final cycle is known as the Maintenance Charge (also known as "trickle" or "Float" charge). In this stage, the battery has already reached 95%; the battery charger will continue to apply a steady current until the battery reaches 100% capacity - at that time, the charger will continue to monitor the battery and apply a charge if it detects any loss.

Battery Maintainer
You may ask if you even need a battery charger if your battery is healthy, and the answer is Yes! Our intelligent battery charger helps to maintain your battery and keep it in optimal operating condition which saves you money in the long run. Batteries need to be maintained at 100% capacity for maximum battery life!

Quick List of Features:
Intelligent Battery Management
3-Stage Charging
Fully- Automatic Charging
For all* 12V Batteries
Compact Size

- For Battery Types: SLA, AGM, Maintenance Free, Flooded, Wet Cell, VRLA, Gel, Lead-Acid, Vented, Deep Cycle
- Microprocessor Controlled
- Input Voltage: 100-240V AC
- Output Voltage: 12V (nominal)
- Output Current: 1.5A
- AC Cord Length: 6ft.
- DC Cord Length: 6ft.
- Protections: Short Circuit, Reverse Polarity
- 3-Stage Charging: Bulk, Absorption, Maintenance
- Certifications: CE, BC
- Operating Temperature: 34°F - 140°F (1°C - 60°C)
- Storage Temperature: 34°F - 140°F (1°C - 60°C)
- Unit Size: 5.3 x 2.6 x 1.5 (inches)
- Package Size: 7.9 x 5.1 x 2.0 (inches)
- Weight: 0.9 lbs.

LED Indicator Lights:
• Steady Yellow: Charging
• Steady Green: Charged
○ No Light: Operation Fault

*For all standard 12V batteries commonly found in automotive applications (SLA, AGM, Maintenance Free, Flooded, Wet Cell, VRLA, Gel, Lead-Acid, Vented, Deep Cycle)

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